Krone ECB Rear Mounted Butterfly Mowers Working Widths From 7.5 - 10m



Krone butterfly mowers are a firm contractor favourite thanks to their clean cut, robust build and ease of running. Maximising operator comfort and efficiency. Available from 7.5m (25ft) to 10m (33ft) with or without the huge 640mm conditioner rotor with lockout tines/ paddles. The Krone triples are also available with or without groupers which gives contractors flexibility. Choice of 14 different models to suit large or smaller requirements.

  • EasyCut B 870 and B 1000 without conditioner
  • EasyCut B 750, B 890, B 970 without conditioner
  • EasyCut B 950 Collect without conditioner, with merger augers
  • EasyCut B 870 CV and B 1000 CV with steel tine conditioner
  • EasyCut B 870 CR and B 1000 CR with roller conditioner
  • EasyCut B 870 CV Collect and 870 CR Collect, B 1000 CV Collect and B 1000 CR Collect with merger belts
  • KRONE quick-change blades
  • KRONE SafeCut: Individually protected discs
  • KRONE SmartCut: Stripe-free cutting
  • KRONE CombiFloat: Uniform ground pressure across the entire work width
  • Operator comfort to the max

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