APV GP 300 M1 Grassland Pro Harrow & Seeder


The APV Grassland Pro harrow GP 300 M1 is an ideal machine for meadow maintenance, sowing and reseeding of grass. Because of the unique combination of its 10 mm or 12 mm tines with 8 mm tines the turf is worked in the best way possible.

Functional Principle

With the Grassland Pro Harrow, you can handle all steps required for grassland maintenance in one crossing. It combines harrow and roller in one. The levelling plate levels molehills and distributes the soil equally. Due to this preliminary work, the tines are able to work optimally. They comb out weeds and counteract thatching, as well as aerate the sward. With the Pneumatic Seeder, you are able to sow the desired seeds of forage grasses in the open soil and afterwards, the roller presses the seeds into the ground.

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