DALBO MiniMax Cambridge Rollers 3 Gang 4.50 - 9.30m

The MiniMax is an all-round roller, which can be used for many purposes. Sowing preparation, rolling after sowing and rolling of winter crops can all be done with one and the same roller. MiniMax is also ideal as a machine to tow behind disc harrows. MiniMax is a hydraulic foldable roller for hich all operations are controlled from the tractor. Unfolding is carried out whilst the tractor is stationary in the field. By virtue of the big overlap between each section an optimal rolling is achieved along the whole working width – even by turns and in uneven ground. The mechanical weight transfer (2 heavy springs) transfer the weight from the middle section to the side sections achieving an even soil pressure over the complete working width. The DUOFLEX-System ensures that each roller section works independently. MiniMax rolls from 9.30 is standard with hydraulic weight transfer system, which ensures an 100% even pressure over the complete working width.

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