Einbock Grass Harrows & Grass Seeders 2m – 12m working width


The Einböck PNEUMATICSTAR is an optimal machine for sowing-in, subsequent sowing and sowing-under. The basis for the PNEUMATICSTAR is the tined weeder “Grass Manager”, on which the pneumatic seeder PNEUMATICBOX is mounted. The 6-row tine weeder sections, equipped with 7/490 tines, prepare the soil surface and create a good condition for the germination of the pneumatically brought-out seeds.

  • Dlectrically driven with SPEED-TRONIC
  • Hydraulic level control
  • Big variety of tines
  • Grooves will be de-thatched
  • Extremely solid construction
  • Spring mounted levelling plate

Like the PNEUMATICSTAR-STI, the PNEUMATICSTAR-PRO-STI also uses the SPEEDTRONIC control unit. The seeding roller is also driven electrically. The machine has 3, 6 or 12 meter working with and a extremely solid construction. A heavy levelling board which is overload-protected by springs, levels molehills in front of the support wheels. It is adjusted “on hold”, which lifts the soil and spreads it loose in the turf. Pores in the soil are not smeared up!

As the support wheels are behind the levelling plate the machine works very smoothly with a high working speed.


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