New DALBO Trimax 300 Stubble Grubber Cultivator


Our mounted TRIMAX is the perfect solution for farms of any size

It is equipped with a very robust and high frame construction, which makes working in stubble fields with a large amount of straw easier, as the harrow does not get blocked.

It is also excellent for breaking through ploughed soil when allowed to work at depth. The TRIMAX NSH is equipped with specially designed 3D hydraulically sprung tines, which protect the frames and other mechanical parts of the harrow. After the tines, the ground is levelled
off by means of spring-suspended serrated discs. These are
mechanically adjusted and leave a level surface after the harrow tines.

Finally, there is a Ø600 mm T-ring cage roller, which crushes the clods left by the cultivator and supports its weight.

The power requirement depends on the depth of the harrow and soil type.

A power requirement of approx. 50 hp per metre working width is recommended for cultivating at a speed of 8-12 km per hour under normal soil conditions, but less will be needed when normal stubble cultivating on light soils is carried out.

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