Overum CX 2 Series Manual & Hydraulic Vari Width Ploughs 3 - 4 & 5 Furrow


The NEW Överum CX2 series is developed from the CX-series, for tractors up to 160 hp. CX2 has a modern modular frame design incorporating a precision drilled frame tube of high strength steel, having 40 % higher yield strength compared with standard frame tubes. Strong bolted assem-blies with hardened bolts result in a simple and strong frame with few moving parts and logical adjustment. Överum CX2 has new parts for transferring the power from the tractor to the frame, and for adjustment of the front furrow width, made from high class cast steel, where the material dimensi-ons are adapted to the actual load. It gives strength and reliability during work in difficult conditions. CX2 can handle wider furrows, while the adjustable working width is increased to five steps.Large clearance makes room for effective skimmers. The large dia-meter of the turn over axle distri-butes the force over a large area during the turn over of the plough. The direction of turn over can be chosen as desired. Alignement cylinder that centers the plough before turn over is available as accessory. Some models can be extended by one furrow.

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