Teagle 8250 Trailed & Mounted Dual Chop Big Bale Processors


Outstanding flexibility : spread long or chop short with one machine. Bed loose housing and cubicles, as well as processing short straw for feed.

  • The 8250 is available in two variants, either mounted (8250M) or trailed (8250T).

The unique 8250 Dual Chop design for processing short material has been substantially updated with an increase in the speed of the chopping system to create a finer and more consistent chop length, designed specifically to suit the needs of TMR and Poultry/Cubicle bedding applications. The blade beam can be disengaged to allow material to be spread without chopping, or engaged at the push of a button for short chop mode.

The brand new ‘SYNCHRO’ WiFi control system enables the operator to:

  • Pause / Resume the flow of material at the touch of a button
  • Adjust bale restraint position to optimise output with straw / silage
  • Simplify operation by electronically synchronising bed chain speed and bale restraint position via a single control
  • Loading setting, to prevent contact between the bale and the crossbeater on startup

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