Trioliet Double Auger Feeders 12 – 28 cube


The Solomix 2 VLH-B is a mixer feeder with two vertical mixing augers and a side belt conveyor that discharges to the front. This mixer feeder is suitable for large and small-scale livestock breeders and is available in volumes ranging from 12 to 24 m3. Its characteristic features and exceptional quality make this mixer feeder unique, efficient and a pleasure to work with. The Solomix 2 VLH-B is a front discharge mixer feeder, with durable and solid auger columns that are supported by the chassis. Our patented ’Horizontal Flow’ system ensures the feed is perfectly mixed. Various discharge options are available for the Solomix 2 series, including to the side (ZK) or rear (AL) of the mixer.

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