Trioliet Straw Blower Feeders – 12 – 30 cube


The Solomix P2 is a mixer feeder with straw blower unit. This mixer feeder allows you not only to feed your cattle a balanced ration, but also to spread their stall with straw, to provide them with the comfort they require. Its compact dimensions make the Solomix P easy to manoeuvre and use in stalls with narrow feeding alleys and a low height clearance. This advantage becomes even more apparent when a smaller tractor is used. The Solomix P2 can furthermore be equipped with an optional dust control system. By wetting the straw, this system ensures that fewer dust particles and microorganisms are floating around, which is not only more comfortable, but also more hygienic. The Solomix P2 has 2 mixing augers. If you are seeking a machine with 1 auger and a straw blower unit, please see the Solomix P1

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